Is this Barracuda Indiana Hybrid/Trekking Bike Worth £160?

Found 5th Jul 2011
Hi Guys
I'm looking for a new bike as I currently have an Mountain bike (that's older than me) but i mainly use it for commuting to work everyday and also leisure rides at the weekend - nothing serious maybe upto 20 mile treks. However I am hoping to build up to a Doncaster to Mablethorpe trek in a few weeks with guys from work.

This link is public - anyone should be able to see it even if you haven't a facebook account.


Anyways digressing, I went into a local shop and the guy showed me this bike which he said his wife had for a couple of months before she got a newer one on a bike to work scheme. He said its done no more than 100 miles and apart from a slight scuff on the gear/handle bar it's in pretty good nick.

The guy reckons its worth £300 neww and offered it me for £160. Is this worth it? I don't know much about bike brands or quality of the parts. It's a Barracuda Indianna Ladies Bike.

Naturally I have looked around the net, I can find them new for about £200 quid, but think they were 2010 models (however, im not sure which year this one is).

He said he'll tune, pump and polish all up for me (it is a bike shop afterall).

Specs from what I could tell are:
Aluminium Frame
21 Gears (them up and down button ones is it ez fire???)
Nice Strong Pannier
Sprung Seat
Full mudguards
Adjustable Handlebars
And (i think) them pop off wheels

Thanks in advance fellow HDUKers
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