is this cctv system any good?

    Hi am looking at buying some cctv since a lowlife has tried breaking into my house! I found the following on amazon and it seemed reasonable with good reviews, however technology isn't my strong point, so I thought I'd ask before I ordered. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you…c=1


    We've got three of these type of systems. I cannot operate them at all, just confuses me and I'm averagely techy. My husband is also average but he figured out how to operate and is a whizz on it. He has watched a lot of you tube videos to learn. I would suggest you do that before you order it and just see how you think you'll get on. Whenever i tried to operate it I wanted to throw it out the window. He has more patience than me!

    Spend an extra tenner and get POE power over ethernet cameras, no need for separate power supply to each camera. The Sannce kit is very good for the money, nice clear pictures.

    It's good for a throw away unit after a year or so. I go with Hikvision every time if you want longevity. your looking at £99 for 4 ch Nvr and £50 a camera plus Hard drive. look for an English updatable version not Chinese copy.

    for once, and it doesn't happen very often, i agree with all current posts above.
    its a good system for £180 but at the same time you cannot go wrong with a Hikvision system.
    i fit cctv and only fit Hikvision. well thats a bit untrue as i fit Alien Megahero Dvr's which are re-badged hikvision along with Hikvision 2mp cameras and I've never yet had a complaint.
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    I have alien and it's awesome. reliable. Crystal clear cost 1k!

    Hik +1

    hikvision easy use and good apps

    any contacts on where to get a good price on hikvision.

    have seen some on aliezpress for about 80 quid
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