Is this company legitimate for cheap heating oil? The Heating Oil Club Ltd

Posted 13th Mar
I have used Boilerjuice before but have found this other heating oil buying site a lot cheaper in their oil quotes. Question is they are a lot cheaper, and are too good to be true even. Has anyone ever used them before,they have limited information across the internet, no direct telephone for contact and only email messaging. 4 reviews on Trust Pilot which is not reassuring and they link to customer reviews though a link on their website on there own homepage which I've never heard of.

They have a registered address; The

Heating Oil Club Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Registration

number: 05131807. Registered Office: Le Phare, High Street, Yelvertoft,

Northampton. NN6 6LQ
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I've previously just called my local fuel companies and asked their best price after getting the lowest quote from Boilerjuice. That usually got me the same or better price from a local company.

More recently our village created an oil buying group where one of the villagers contacts several oil suppliers to get the best price for a group purchase... to be honest it's not much cheaper than if I called the supplier direct (after getting a quote from Boiler Juice)

I'd be suspicious of an oil buying group unless it was a local person doing it as a favour rather than a commercial business.

Oil seems very cheap right now so I'd stock up!
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As above - I get a boiler juice quote and my local depot matches it. I often get a premium upgrade too.
i just checked the price on Heatingoilclub and 500 litres is £164 whereas Boilerjuice (cheapest) is £216 which happens to be the same as my village buying group... the heatingoilclub seems very cheap in comparison but i know nothing about them or any hidden catches.
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They also run under the name "The Most Sensible Way To Buy Heating Oil Limited" which has been running since 2002

Also - Yobco 01788 824236 - operates from the same address.
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TristanDeCoonha13/03/2020 18:28

They have been in business since …They have been in business since 2004 HEATING OIL CLUB LIMITED (05131807) Company status Active Correspondence address - 2 Hambledon Court, Arundel Way, Highcliffe, Christchurch, Dorset, England, BH23 5DX

The question being asked is not are the company disclosures legitimate (they are, as you indicate).
The underlying question is: does the legitimate company with those disclosures run the subject website?
If not, the site is simply a trading name hijack, in which case the observation of CH details for the legitimate company has zero relevance.
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