Is this controller a genuine official dualshock 3?

Found 2nd Oct 2011
Looks too good to be true for this new 'genuine' dualshock 3 controller ini silver.

Was just wondering if it will be a knock off?

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Link doesn't work drop the item number.
He has a few Positive feedback for PS3 controllers but also has 1 Negative feedback saying its fake.
I'd say almost certainly that's a fake. Getting hold of official PS3 controllers in bulk is pretty hard, it raises some suspicion that he's selling it for £25.

I had a load of PS3 controller samples from a factory in China in lots of different colours, I didn't realise they would come "branded" as Sony - they all came in "retail" packaging, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and the ones you buy in the shops - but they were certainly fake.

Looking through his feedback, he's selling Beats headphones for less than £20 - again either he's making a £50+ loss on each sale, or he's selling knock offs. My bet is on the latter. As with the PS3 controllers, you can pick up 1:1 replicas of Beats headphones for less than a tenner from China, including identical retail packaging.

If you want to be sure you're buying legit electronics, there are certain things you might want to give eBay a miss for - PS3 controllers and Beats being just a couple.
Defo fake,
Nick has beaten me to it, I was also going to say it's probably a fake given that the seller has also sold Beats headphones for very low prices just backs that up. I'd stick with buying PS3 controllers and other similar commonly counterfeit items from known, official retailers.

Ok thanks for the advice, will the fake ones not work as well as the genuine ones?

Ok thanks for the advice, will the fake ones not work as well as the … Ok thanks for the advice, will the fake ones not work as well as the genuine ones?

Aside from any other aspect, Sony lock the fake controllers out in firmware updates which means they can't be used wirelessly. Or at least that used to be the case as that's when people found out they had a fake controller.

Fake fake fake, these controllers actually cost a fair amount of money to make. (bluetooth, sixaxis, dualshock, rechargeable battery and 10 bit analogues in a durable pastic) I remember when they said that sony made a loss on each one or something. RRP on these dont tend to drop and there is no way they would give a seller on ebay bulk discount, who sells 10 a month rather than someone like game who sells tens of thousand a month.
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