Is this Dashcam is a right choice (NEXTBASE iNCarCam 402G)

I bought "NEXTBASE iNCarCam 402G Full HD Dashboard Camera" clearance from PC-World (link below). The box was opened and it was missing Manual + USB cable. Asked representative regarding the extended warranty but she said it's in clearance so they could not offer any extended warranty with it.
I read review and found out that it is having a problem with battery. I will appreciate if some could guide me, if I bought the right Dashcam? Thank you.…tml


why are you asking if its a good purchase after you have already made your purchase
normally you ask for advice before buying an item

Read a review if you want to know if its any good? What do you mean if you bought the "right dashcam" ?

Its a middling camera, that records where you point it you. Nextbase are cheap and the mounts often have complaints of sticking problems.
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If you are asking if nextbase are any good, in my opinion - No.
I've got a 512G (the flagship one) and I also have a möbius actioncam.
The möbius is superior to the nextbase in almost every way, yet it was 1/3 of the price.
The nextbase suffered from a faulty battery after 7 months of use and went into a continuous reboot cycle. Had to be sent back for repair, and the battery is not user replaceable. The parts are not available to buy, yet it is a common fault according to the reviews/forums.
The nextbase has a memory card limit of 32GB, the möbius limit is 128GB.
I also think the video quality of the möbius is better.

For the expensive price, the nextbase 512G is a pretty poor dash cam.

it may not be the best camera - but it will cost very little to get a usb cable and a 12v converter to fit in your cigarette lighter socket,
in the end it will record what happens in front of you and even the cheapest ones work reasonably well - ie perhaps you won't be able to read the number plate at a distance but you will know who is at fault!
my experience tells me they don't last long anyway due to the heat that builds up in the car over the summer (my last one the memory card welded it's self into the plastic) - never park facing the sun

I've got a next base as well the battery went on it within the 12 month warranty luckily enough. The took it back and changed it for a brand new 1. But seems to be a common issue as my dads one done the same thing.
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