Is this deal any good- ds lite

Ok just a quick question, i'm on the lookout for a ds lite and came across this deal but cant decide if its good or theres better out there

NEW DS Lite and ANY pre-owned game - 106 pounds

if it is what game would you recommend


not a good deal

Original Poster

why not?

what deal is better?

im in no rush to buy so ordering online and waiting for it doesnt bother me

NDS Lite at Tesco £96.67 - 13 pounds off voucher = £83.97 + Postage £4.85 + 3% quidco ?

and then buy an R4 for about £25 to get games

The Argos deal is better, where you get a new good quality game with a new DSlite for £110.

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the ds lite is new i forgot that at the start.

Is it any game with the argos deal?

Mite look into that tesco deal tho

gamestation do a deal instore where you get a new ds lite, accessories and selected game for 99.99

pic courtesy of mini0ne


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i dont live near gamestation unfortunately

just trying to seal a deal on here now.

thansk everyone rep left in 2mins for all
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