Is this fixable? (bicycle headset)

    The ball bearings from the section of the headset that attaches to the frame have spilled out. Do I fix it by collecting all the ball bearings and realigning them into a ring at the top and bottom?


    make sure you get them all, clean all the crud off them and repack with grease

    Yeah , very fixable . Do as suggested in post one , or if you have lost any , you can buy them .Place a ring of grease around the ball bearing ring and place the bearings in and re-tighten. I've recently had to do this with bearings on the wheel spindles of my bike as they were dry , all good now.

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    Are the ball bearings cheap? Because there are some many of them, I am afraid of loosing one.

    Most high streets have a cycle shop or maybe Halfords , you could always take one of your balls ! [ ooh Mrs ] to the shop and ask .

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    Sorry I dont know what I need to buy to replace them. Is it something off this page?…ngs

    no, they seem to be enclosed type bearings ,most of the bikes I've ever had used the loose ball bearings :…spx

    they are in different sizes ,so it's much better to take one of yours [off the bike ] as a pattern


    or if you can't be bothered just replace the headset, much harder and more expensive but you don't have to clean all the bearings

    they come in different sizes…set
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    Is it really necessary for all this gear to install a headset?…ynM


    Civic EG6

    Is it really necessary for all this gear to install a … Is it really necessary for all this gear to install a headset?

    other video…ted

    though I've never seen that tool before, might go look for one as it could come in handy in my man box. I used a hammer and screw driver to do mine
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