Found 24th Aug 2007
check out item number:300144239706 on ebay. is it genuine? i checked sellers feedback and the last time he recieved feedback was 6 months ago.

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Don't expect him to be around much longer!!!

Obviously they took alot of time to check the spelling!

I rekon his keyboard is a dodgey also, he seems to have a really fat hand and have broken the space key, or have really bad eye hand coordination.

He has declined offers of £175 but accepted £185.99

Can't believe someone has put an offer in of £300 too

i think someones going to be very dissapointed when there item doesnt arrive!

Original Poster

yh lol very dodgy guy. if it was a imported one then maybe abit more realistic but a uk one for 185 lol.

Ended now so hope no one has been stung
I think if it's too good to be true, it's probably not, is the case here :-(

The , after the word not makes all the difference lol

if its too good to be true, it probably is


if its too good to be true, it probably is

Someones a fan of The Real Hustle:whistling:


He has declined offers of £175 but accepted £185.99Can't believe someone h … He has declined offers of £175 but accepted £185.99Can't believe someone has put an offer in of £300 too

It must have been his friend: himself who put the offer to make his item seem more realistic.

With 92.6% feedback and only 12 thats obviously dodgey.

I think this is a scam, 12feedback and its not even 100%, I always feel in situations like this wheres its kind of obiovus you wont be getting one, if people fall for it they deserve to lose there money and learn a valubale lesson.

anyone else agree?

sorry if it sounds that sounds arrogant:oops:

Nah I don't agree harvie, some people don't have the sense, or understand if thats the right terminology. A "newbie" might not check feedback amount of percentage. But, it does sound quite iffy that somebody with less than 50 feedback and not 50% is selling the 360 Elite for £100 less than RRP.

As much to do with sheer greed as opposed to being naive. So many folks just see the bottom line price, click buy and that's the start of the problem.
ebay is not the same as it once was, still good but needs to be played with great care

yeah i agree with the newbie part and what not, but common sense will tell you that you woundnt get an elite for £200. when The preimums are £250 new, also no actual picture of the elites were shown either. I can see were your comming from, its not right thats is happening, but IMO if you get conned here you deserved too, altthough on the other hand there has been 20 bidders so you might think its leigt, oh i dont know now lool
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