Is this free pc a scam?

    Came across this & wondered if it's a scam where you'll be bombed with spam. It looks too good to be true. :?


    Ah its your typical referal scam. Spose it's not a scam because I belive they do actually give you the goods but in order to do so you have to sign up to an offer, then have to get x almount of friends to also sign up. Its a very long process, would be better off just entering a competition!

    I don't think it's a scam,there have been ipod offers along similar lines and folk have got the product,but finding 30 people to also sign up to an offer is one mean gotta know a lotta folk!!!

    Will your friends and family thank you for joining them up? Probably not

    A few people may get them but most wont

    a lot of them referal things r scams..but judging it is a legit process its still a long ole 1 to go thru
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