Is this game offending the nazi situtation?

wanted your advice about a horrible vile game that i think is racist in a way against the nazi /hitler situation
here the link
type in the search box
torture chamber
i think the website should be shut down!
if u browse it has some horrible games and 90% or users are children about 12-13


At least get the site right its .com not, thanks for pointing me to it though theres some great games on there!

Lul wut?

Its a stupid stick man game.

Why are you bringing in Nazis?



Why are you bringing in Nazis? LOL

That's what I thought :?

**** game btw.

It's just a stick game, there are games that are way more graphic than that.
It doesn't even refer to Nazi's.

Should the swastika be banned just because it was used by the Nazi's?

If you don't like it then don't go on there, if you're offended by those games then get an internet filter as a huge chunk of the internet will probably offend you.

Edit: Btw thanks for pointing out the website, some fun games there.

Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty anyone?


Nazi Zombies in Call of Duty anyone?

Didn't they ban this in Germany. Like its an insult.
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