is this gaming pc suitable for my 10 year old

Found 25th Nov 2015
Demented mum looking for a complete package for my son......

Looking at this on eBay


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Bit overkill for a 10 year old.

Not sure about price but the 2 year warranty parts and labour is only half the story, how do you get it back to them? 30 quid insured each way minimum?
I would be worried about the CPU with integrated graphics for gaming. I know you can probably build better again than example below if you shop around.
This may help, I would look for a system with its own dedicated graphics card like below, also try to get the 16gb ram in two 8gb sticks if poss for future upgrades.
The Win 8/10 below is also for a New build if reqd so get info from seller as per his listing. Also there is many low price headsets like below.
You can always connect to any HDMI TV you may have or just buy a New 42" LED instead of the monitor ( probably big screen best if Pals are around to play).
141183517771 - AMD GB 6300 3.5Ghz Gaming Pc Computer 1Tb 16Gb Ddr3 R7 240 2GB Z3+ ........................£327.99
262085911271 - BenQ G2410HD Display 24" LCD Monitor............................................................................£79.50
151393106702 - NEW NO-3000 Skype Gaming Stereo Headphones Headset with Microphone......................£6.99
262132788056 - Microsoft Windows 8 Professional - 32 & 64 bit dvds new sealed windows 10 8.1..............£57.88 = £472.36
All on the E as of 06.30
Probably asking the wrong people, many of us that live in this part of HUKD would build our own and for gaming just wouldn't use an integrated graphics processor. It really doesn't matter how old he is, what matters is what he will be doing/playing and how much you have to spend.

Generally anything with integrated graphics is going to be limited in some form as to which games it can play and how well it can play them. You really need to be looking for a system with a discrete GPU, which means it has a separate, dedicated graphics card. I know you are looking for a complete package, but you may have to compromise a little and buy the base unit and monitor separately. PC world have some machines from around £430 with discrete graphics cards and monitors can be picked up for around £80.
I was simply looking for a complete package as being a total PC dummie I don't have a clue about them. There's so much conflicting advise.

I'm looking for a PC that will allow him to play minecraft etc, but that will be able to handle games that are more demanding in case his tastes change. Also to be able to YouTube and make his videos on, and use for school work - lots of projects requiring to be on power point. I have no problems with buying the parts separate, I know the TOWER part is the most important and I can buy the monitor, keyboard separate

Thanks to all - I'm just going stir crazy over this
Have a look on the website
You can configure your own system, so hopefully get a better deal.
I purchased a gaming PC from PC Specialist for my 14 year old son, as an early birthday present in October. But it pays to shop around. The monitor was too expensive, as was the keyboard and mouse, so I purchased them elsewhere (see my previous post). With the monitor, you need to look at the mms rates. The higher the number, the more it will lag when your son play a game. Have a look at my previous post to give you an idea…178 (it was a bit of a headache trying to pick the right ones though lol) x
No, stay away from AMD. Very overpriced - it has built in graphics which wouldn't run modern games well. Try Chillblast…tml for example. What games do they want to play? For Minecraft this would be overkill.
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