Is this gaming PC worth the money?

Posted 23rd Sep
I’m interested in this gaming PC local to me on gumtree.

Could anyone with more expertise in this field gauge whether it’s worth the asking price of £135.

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That's NOT gaming pc anymore.
Save the money and build a system by yourself.
Well yes, but actually no.

It’s worth the money I think, but won’t be great for gaming. AAA games playability questionable. Very likely to have high temps and/ or system instability if you try.

Doesn’t state if the RAM is DDR3 or DDR4 either, which makes a difference, and also the rpm of the HDD isn’t stated, so it not be great either.

If you end up going with it anyway, I’d replace the case and add fans as I’m sure that’s probably something he’ll take away.
GPU - £52 on CEX
CPU - £15 - on FM2 socket, so it will be DDR3
DDR3 2x 4GB - £12 on CEX
Looks like a typical £30-ish case - can tell it's modern as no front bays
120 SSD - a shade under £20 these days.
PSU unknown, probably a dubious generic but adequate for the task

Not awful, but it's the lowest DX12 "Maxwell" GPU and an AMD "Piledriver" core (FX type) CPU/APU so upgrades would be limited - if a FM2 board, it may support the later "Richland" models with a BIOS update - if the board is FM2+ (which accepts FM2 or FM2+ processors) then there would be more options
It's probably worth the cash but if you start using it you'll soon notice it's limitations and by Xmas you'll want something better and you'll need to sell it and start again as it's not cost effective to upgrade.

You're better off building one yourself, and create your own upgrade path and it will work out much cheaper in the long run.
Offer £50 then it’s not bad....
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