Is this genuine?

    I have received a txt message from a company called MobileOutle (thats how its spelt) and the message reads 'T-Mobile customers can now cancel they're contact with immediate effect due to changes in t-mobiles T&C. ? I dont know how they got my info and i dont really care if the company is fake i just want to know if the statement is real, if it is woohoo lol btw googled company for info, didnt find anything



    Last week? Changes to terms and conditions were only announced yesterday so your talking crap

    And dial the 0908 number if you want a huge bill.


    And you need to prove material detriment due to the change. There are no financial penalties due to the change.

    Original Poster

    lol give me a 0208 number than i will dail


    sounds dodgy, dont risk it, if it was true itd be availible freely online
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