Is this guy a conman…7BG…ank

    says he is a new trader, so no feedback

    Geforce GTX 1060 6GB @ £151 !!


    An emphatic Yes. There are loads of them. I saw a 5960x for £300 from a new trader, what is strange is that if you searched the name on Google it was for an actual business in Germany that sold on Never buy from these

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    Im just wondering how to warn others, Admin said the guy was in USA

    thanks, got 2

    Id imagine you wouldn't have any trouble getting money back off Amazon? maybe even a voucher to apologise?

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    Does say its covered by market place warranty, hhmm
    I have pm'd the seller, wonder if he will tell the truth, lol Brilly u got 2, lol upto a month for delivery wasnt it ?

    no point ordering
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