Is this is good spec PC for £450? AMD Phenom II Vs Core i7. Can I build it myself cheaper?

Which PC would you buy? Are they good specs for gaming and multitasking?

Custom Made PC

X Blade Case with 450w PSU
AMD Phenom II 965 Processor (3.4ghz x4)
500GB Hard Drive
Dual Layer DVD Writer Drive
Nvidia 9800GTX+ 512MB DDR3 Graphics Card
Asrock Motherboard
No operating system (I have Win 7 in pre-order)

(The spec above is £450)

Or this:

Core i7 920 Processor
4096MB 1067MHz DDR3 RAM
640GB Hard Drive
256MB ATI HD 3650 graphics card
Blu-Ray RW Drive
Windows Vista Premium 64bit

The dell is £570

Which one would you go for? For the first one for the spec I dont think I could build it myself cheaper.


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Any pc advisors here tonight?

Your usage is a bit vague - I doubt anyone here doesn't multitask on their PCs these days. The first machine is better for gaming thanks to a stronger graphics card, the second machine has a more powerful processor with its hyperthreading making it better with multithreaded programs. It really depends on what your priorities are now and what money you want to put into the machines later.

I have the Dell machine mainly for number crunching and the processor has been fantastic for that, with a 4850 graphics card (cheap now) it's enough for my gaming needs.


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I just want something that is very fast, and that will run most games nicely.

I sometimes use my PC for video and photo editing.

The custom pc just seemed very good value for the specs.

The custom PC is weaker in almost all its specs against the Dell so while you're paying less, you're getting less so I don't really see it as being particularly great value for money. If gaming is the main intention then comparing just those two configurations, the first one hands down is going to be a lot better - the Dell needs a better graphics card to be a decent gaming PC, the Core i7 has some advantages in its multithreading capability but nothing that's going to overcome its weak graphics card.


the first option, but im sure if you willing to pay £120 more towards the dell, why not use that money and upgrade the quad core cpu to an i7. also i5 is coming out very soon, so wait a while and i7 prices should be pushed lower by a bit
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