Is this laptop any good i dont know much about these things ??

    im intrest in a new laptop and i found this it meets my spec but i dont know if its any good does anyone have one ?? would u recommend it?…gle


    Personally I'd aviod acer because I have known about 10 people that have got an acer, and 1 person that hasn't had it fail on them within 1 year. (This graph shows a bit of a better failure rate than that, but still not great)

    Similar from Asus at £388 eBuyer but you have to chose quality or price.

    Just to join in, I would also steer well clear of Acer.

    1) Customer SUpport is none existant, they will go out of their way to avoid helping (lots of experience with them)
    2) Their computers/laptops are made of sub-standard parts, which invariably fail 1 day outside of warranty.
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