Is this Laptop deal any good??

    Could someone please tell me if this is a good deal or not. i really want the 8600 GT graphics but need the price to be under £500. This works out at £445.33 with delivery included. Would the T5270 be too much of a bottleneck for the GT. Thanks in advance for all advice

    Dell Vostro 1500
    Intel® Core 2 Duo processor T5270
    Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic - English
    Base Warranty - 1 Year Business Hardware Support
    15.4" Wide Screen WXGA (1280 x 800) Display
    Matte Jet Black without Camera
    2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM
    120GB (5400rpm) SATA Hard Drive
    256MB nVidia® GeForce® 8600M GT
    Free upgrade from 6 cell battery to 9 cell battery


    its a good deal, ur looking at ur 2 gb ram being used to form graphics if u dont get the graphics card put in, pay the extra i would, especially if it comes with vista, as vista is a memory hogger

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Do u think i should opt for the T5470 or just stick with this processor? I really need to know if the T5270 will be too poor to help power the 8600GT. I would like this laptop to last a while also.

    looks like a great deal, where did you find it? is usually a pretty good bet for cpu stats

    You can get that spec (including the 8600gt) for £445.33 delivered??

    If so then that's a fantastic deal, it's probable that on some meaty games the T5270 will be the achilles heal of the laptop, in an ideal world you wouldnt put that processor with the 8600gt. If you upgrade the processor to the T5470 you'll be getting approximately 14% more power so if the cost to upgrade is only around £20-£30 I would.

    Here is an interesting read, someone is basically asking the same question as you and getting some good solid answers.…e=1

    But I think it's a cracking deal even with the T5270 processor, it'll still perform well.

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    The code is : N0115011

    am i right in saying the cpu doesnt power the graphics card, in fact the graphics card will lighten the load on the cpu when it comes to displaying graphics etc
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