Is this laptop good -- need help from a person who knows about laptops

    Its from…tml

    Im not a fan of vista and dont really want it but i dnt have a choice

    I just want the computer for normal apps and maybe the original rollercoaster tycoon every now and then

    I wanna order off play as i get 5% off

    If thats a rubbish comp can someone find me a lappy for a better price with good specs and a good processor -- id go desktop but dnt have the space


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    That ones a refurb and the ones at dell i was thinking of getting

    I've got an Acer and I can't recommend it highly enough. It has never missed a beat and I use it all the time. Mine has a Celeron M processor, not an AMD (not sure what these are like).

    Quidco as well...
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