Is this Laptop worth looking at????

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Found 27th Dec 2008
Hey all. A question for you techies.
I saw this advertised on T.V. today currys.co.uk/mar…015 and have been thinking of getting a Laptop with Blu Ray player for a while now and thought this looked value for money.
Any advise/warnings???


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Looks gd.

this is a better deal h10010.www1.hp.com/wwp…KEN enter discount code HPSANTA FOR 10% OFF :thumbsup:

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http://www.ebuyer.com/product/152233this might be better

That one Doesn't have Blu Ray though

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this is a better deal … this is a better deal http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/uk/en/ho/WF06b/321957-321957-3329743-3848802-3848802-3768356-3846966.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_UKEN enter discount code HPSANTA FOR 10% OFF :thumbsup:

Yeh, that does look better, might hold out to see if anyone else has any more tips.
Cheers guys

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Can Anyone add anything on this???
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