Is this laptop worth the price?

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Found 21st Sep 2008
Hi i have been offered this laptop for £75 plus delivery, do you think it's worth it:
Inspiron 8100;
-1GHz Pentium 3 M (pre-pentium M, but what they were based on).
-New battery that holds a full charge (think it was 3 hours, but lets say 2 just in case).
-CD/DVD drive (Writes CD's but not DVD's)
-NVidia GeForce Go 32MB (forget the model number, but can check if you're interested)
-512MB RAM
-Primary 60GB 7200RPM HD and a Second one in the media bay at 32GB (5400RPM), totalling 92GB.
-Also has a removeable floppy drive that can be used in place of the 2nd hard-drive.
-15.1" UXGA screen (1600x1200 resolution).
-Built in wireless (after-market miniPCI - wireless a/b/g).
-Ethernet PCMCIA card (Xircom).
-Includes a range of colours that snap-in to the wrist support area - think there is black, grey, yellow, blue and purple.
-and a caselogic neoprene slipcover.


of course it is worth it, £75 for a reasonable spec laptop. Snap it up

no its not, let me take it off ya hands,, * cough*

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so does anyone know what the cheapest ways is for it to be sent to me, royal mail, courier etc.

What OS does it have?

parcel force i use, get the weight of it n go online for the price..
Royal mail are cheaper though, 16kg is about 14 quid i think..

I sold a laptop on eBay recently, the delivery was just over £10 with ParcelForce.

The screen looks nice but I would be hesitant to have such an old processor (circa 2001) for daily use.

Which version of windows does it come with and does it include the disk and key?

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it came pre installed with winme, but now its got xp on it. Im giving it to my mum who basically just needs it for durfing the web, using ms office and basic stuff like that, but i don't want it to be really slow, but it should be able to manage stuff like that smoothly.

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i have a xp cd anyway so im not really bothered about the OS.

I thought cheapest delivery method would be courier? From £8 I believe...

I think if you go through QuidCo, you can get some cashback too!

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which courier?


which courier?

I have no idea! I know of, but thats it!
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