Is this leather jacket worth it??

    been looking for a leather jacket for a while, came across this one from river island, what do you think?

    think im better shopping around or do you thinks its worth it?


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    yeah go for it, looks nice

    [COLOR="Purple"]are you looking for leather??
    cuz there was one simular in the gio goi sale...[/COLOR]

    £thirty something pounds..


    [COLOR="Purple"]are you looking for leather??cuz there was one simular in … [COLOR="Purple"]are you looking for leather??cuz there was one simular in the gio goi sale...[/COLOR]£thirty something pounds..

    [COLOR="Purple"]sorry just checked, must have sold out...[/COLOR]

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    theres this one aswell…h=0

    Superdry ones are realllly nice but expensivee

    The River Island one looks nicer than the yin on ASOS. Though more expensive, I'd pay the extra for the one I really wanted.

    I got one from River Island for christmas '07 & its the best jacket I've had - I'd say worth it cos you'll wear it loads.


    like the RI one


    the RI one looks much better but check the fit when you get it.... with these jackets its all about the fit.

    try and get someone you know that works in RI to get it for you as they get 30% off.... worth being cheeky and asking as it'll make a big diff to the final amount in this case...i used to work there when i was in uni....



    It was so good the animal wore it every day till it died!

    but now it wil live on....fashionably...:whistling:

    id go superdry tbh...

    if you can afford it

    go for an avirex

    cant really beat avirex

    too many new brands trying to copy avirex
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