is this legit for xbox games ?

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No, I'm quite surprised one would need to ask.


OMG entered my details received 50 free games

Haha yeah it's legitimate in the sense that they will get free games once you put your email and password in the site.... Using your account... Also most likely a new TV and sound system to go with it....

It is a coincidence that within 42 minutes of posting this the website is down. Was the site created by the OP? (_;)

The scam appeared to be that you entered your email address and create a password, therefore praying on those who use repeat passwords. The information would then be used for other purposes once they have access to your email. Perhaps go as far as gaining access to further accounts such as eBay, PayPal ect...

That's probably the worst attempt I've seen X)

EDIT: I'll go as far as saying that actually I am pretty convinced the site was created by the OP, merely because finding the URL to that site would be almost impossible unless you created the site yourself and it's too much of a coincidence that it has now been taken down shortly after.

Perhaps this was a vain attempt trick HUKD members into fooling for this......
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Ban him

And no its not legitimate.

If you think it is, you deserve to be scammed
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Oh it's definitely legit I use it quite often but I go to their retail premises on my unicorn, normally have to race lord lucan on shergar but my unicorn is really fast so Lucan gets the lesser deal
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