Is this media centre worth it for £150.00

    Hi guys,

    Looking for a media centre and a mate of a mate is selling this one for £150.00. Any advice:

    Elonex Silent run Media Centre ATX Case (designed to look like DVD player)
    Windows XP Media Centre OS
    P4 3.2Ghz HT Processor
    150Gig Hard Disc
    Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Display Card
    Realtek Audio 5.1
    ½ Gig Ram (Worth taking up to 1 gig at some point)
    DVD CD Rom
    Built in Card Reader for all formats
    USB X4
    DV input
    Wireless High Speed card installed but also has on-board Ethernet
    Custom built not shop bought so runs fast
    Consists of CPU Unit Keyboard and mouse or Media Centre Wireless all in one Keyboard and mouse Windows Media Centre Remote Control.

    Thanks guys


    wouldnt bother

    Bit pricey tbh. :thumbsup:

    slightly overpriced and not very future proof (cant be upgraded for future us e.g HD etc)

    I wouldnt say the spec is very good for the price, might be worth looking elsewhere.

    "Custom built not shop bought so runs fast" - LMAO :-D

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys think I will give it a miss, anyone point me somewhere with a good deal?


    prescot chips which are the fastest this mainboard can take are very unsuitable for media centre use, use far too much power and require a lot of cooling so will be too noisy for lounge use
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