Is This Mobile Broadband Deal Any Good?

Im looking for a mobile broadband deal and was wondering if this is any good?



dont know about 3 as such, but its the same price on their website but you can get £11 cashback through topcashback.co.uk

Look around the web at various deals as it pays sometimes. I took a deal with Vodafone which was 12 months with 3Gb per month @ £15 per month - but I got and have had paid out to me £120 cashback - hence got 36Gb for £60 for 12 months (after that, just cancel and look again) - btw, the dongle was free and actually works with my O2 sim!

I know its a contract but it can work out cheaper depending on what you are likely to use.

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Thanks for that.

Its just im quite clueless with the whole 'mobile broadband'

I would prefer not to get into a 12 month contract where I know I will HAVE to pay each month. As I have the monoey at the moment, I thought this would be the best alternative? How far would 12gb get me? I would just be surfing the web for about 3 hours a day, most usage will probably be on c beebies streaming cartoons for the little one. Also this seems a bit better, as it is 12gb upfront, so if i use more than 3gb one month and nothing the next it should be ok.

Whereas on contract i think the charge is £1 per MB or something stupid like that? I cant understand such a high add on fee for over usage. So 100mb would work out to £100 extra charge? Or have I got it wrong somewhere?

I appreciate the help...

You're right, over quota is always heavily charged to stop people doing it. I think your deal does offer a load of flexibility and a quick scoot round the competition reveals the overall package as the most cost-effective.

Streaming cartoons, even in low res will start to eat away your bandwidth at a surprising rate, but it really does depend on which ones, how long, how many etc.

If it helps, surfing, emails and an average of 2-3hrs use a day puts me just over 1Gb per month so I always have a fair bit to spare, but again it depends on what sites you surf etc.

Pinched the following off Orange website - gives a rough guide to calculate.

how do we work this out?

as a rough estimate:
[*]100 emails without attachment = 1MB
[*]3 emails with attachment = 1MB
[*]1 email with photo attachment = 1MB
[*]1 hour spent on Instant Messenger = 1MB[/LIST] [LIST]
[*]1 hour web browsing = 10MB
[*]downloading one 3-minute MP3 = 4MB
[*]downloading one 10-minute video = 80MB
[*]downloading one film trailer = 50MB[/LIST]
There are 1024MBs to 1GB
Data usage per activity is based on an average, e.g. an average sized photo attachment. If you know that you often download larger photos then you should allow for this in calculating your ideal plan

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Thanks for the information mate. Just a quick question, how much difference in data usage is there in streaming and downloading. As the information above says one 10 minute video downloaded would be about 80MB how much data would be used for the stream? Also if I use messenger with a webcam, im guessing this would be more data usage than a normal messenger chat?

diffcult to say, but often streaming and downloading a video amount to the same if the rate is the same (although often downloaded movies offer a higher quality and therefore are larger in overall file size). Think of streaming as downloading and viewing at the same time and try and work it from that.

As you can guess I am not sure on this point - wish I could help a bit more - sorry:oops:
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