is this netbook any good for the price,…193

    is this any good in comparison with the aser one or the eee pc things? my daughter is desperate for one x thanks for your help x fizzie


    No. It's bad.
    Do you want me to explain why?

    [email protected];5319985

    No. It's bad.Do you want me to explain why?

    ^^Agreed! Windows CE!?!?

    Windows CE was the forerunner to the pen and paper!

    Original Poster

    oh ok, lol ta. i'll keep searching, rep for you guys x

    you can get an Asus 701sd for £149 at Dixons or Staples
    but they have Linux installed which you might not like, you can install XP but you need an external USB dvd drive to install it…rue

    the XP version is available for £179 at Carphonewarehouse and Staples website…TOP
    not sure if Staples website is business only but they could probably order instore.

    for over £200 there are larger screens like the Asus 900 etc or Acer Aspire, Samsung etc.

    there's also ebay ofcourse

    hope thats some help

    also, it looks like a shed.
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