Is this normal for Argos?

Order a Maple Finish Tall Split Level Hideaway as a result of this thread.…ple

Eventually contact Argos to find out what was happening after 24 days and got an email today saying that the item is no longer available and did I want a refund or to choose something else.

Now my real problem is that...

1. The item was shown as in stock for home delivery and

2. they took payment from my credit card immediately.

I am guessing that if I had not emailed Argos to chase them, they would have held onto my money until I eventually realise I had not had the item.

Is this normal for Argos?




Argos customer service is usually very good. Yhr only time I had trouble they refunded everything and still sent the item

Its happened before to me with Argos and lots of other companies they charged the card and then not had the item,money come off online banking then had to be refunded.
Maybe call up and ask if they can give you a similar item at same price you paid? Really depends who you get on the phone but often when I buy something and it goes wrong,I will call up and usually get something out of it to my advantage.

Was going to start a seperate thread for this, but as it's mentioning Argos, I'll stick it here.

Just heard on the radio that on page 1433 (i think) of the new catalogue, you can apparently purchase a simpsons alarm cock! :giggle:

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Argos really do stink with the attitude

The item number I ordered was 6197144 and is still shown on their website at $9.99

but they now have another item - item number 6190835 at 99.99

now if you check the spec and description , they are near enough identical.

Just called Argos and they are absolutely sure that the items are very different and point blankly agreed to substitute.

Smells very fishy to me.

Discount an item, get orders in then change the cat. number to a higher price and try to get the full price.

The customer service girl even tried to convince me to buy the new one at double the price.

first time I have ordered from Argos home delivery - never again

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