Is this offer good with this phone?


    My upgrade is due on 12 Feb. I've been offered Nokia x3 02 with 300 share unit and 2000 3 to 3 call and 500mg internet allowence. I was wondering if its worth for me paying the extra £10 a month?

    Currently, I'm on 500 mins. Xnetwork and 100 text for £5 a month?




    Why have you posted this as a deal!?!

    Original Poster

    Really sorry. I didnt know I post it as a deal. And I dont know how to delete or re post it as a question.


    Why have you posted this as a deal!?!

    Because here, unlike on every forum in the world, ever, if you try and create a new thread in Misc, it defaults back to putting it in Deals. It's a common and easy mistake.

    mavi, how much they charging per month, u can always get a better deal haggling try this site to see what u can get if u did cashback deals and then tell your network what you want

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    effingandjeffing, currently, I'm on 500 Xnetwork mins. and 100 text for £5 a month.

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