Is this ok size bmx bike for my 15 year old brother?

    I know i asked yesterday but he wants a bmx and i didnt really get a good answer.

    the specs are: # Colour of frame: Blue.

    # Front brakes: V-type.

    # Rear brakes: V-type.

    # Frame type: BMX.

    # Steel frame.

    # Comfort features.

    # Hockey stick protective chain guard.

    # Mag 3 spoke wheels.

    # Alloy brake levers.

    # Frame size: 11in.

    # Wheel size: 20in.

    # Suitable for leg measurements 24in upwards.

    Thanks in advance


    Depends how tall the boy is I suppose? (No idea about bikes).

    Original Poster

    hes around 5 foot 8" or around that

    Since it is a BMX I don't think size is that much of an issue.

    Original Poster


    Since it is a BMX I don't think size is that much of an issue.

    the only reson i ask is because yesterday they said the frame size needs to be good but i was pritty sure u were right before they said that

    Frame sixe needs to be about 20"

    hi im just about to list this

    personally i think at 15 hed prefer a blow up doll or some top shelf mags:w00t:
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