is this pc any good

    home built pc only 4 months old intel core2 duo e6850 processor 3.00ghz 2.00gb ram 250 gb hard drive nvida geforce 8800gt graphics card 19 tft monitor apevia gameing tower with temp gauges and lights logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and logitech, webcam and speakers also a new cannon mp460 printer, scanner and copier plus desk and chair comes with all books and discs running windows vista ultimate with a windows experience index score of 5.7 it has 2 dvd writers 1 with lightscribe all in excelent condition
    asking price 450 looking for good gaming pc for son is this one any good any advice plzzzz ty


    That system is very satisfactory.
    The graphics card and Processor should be able to handle the latest games, as well as new ones coming out.

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    thank you very much do you think price is ok ? sorry to be pain really no idea about pcs its for sons christmas so dont want to ask him :oops:

    Price I would say is...decent. :thumbsup:

    Seems a good price for that, as it includes monitor etc

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    rep added thank you so much

    make sure you get the windows COA, as missing this would devalue system by £90 for replacement

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    :oops:what is windows coa and if they dont have should i still buy:oops:

    Windows COA is a Certificate of Authenticity.
    It basically means that the copy of the Operating System (XP, Vista etc) is valid and geniune.
    if the copy that comes with the system isn't genuine, you may encounter problems in the future, but there are plenty of fixes for that.


    :oops:what is windows coa and if they dont have should i still buy:oops:

    no but consider a reduced price for the inconvenience of going and buying an oem copy,
    don't try quick illegal fixes only a fool would risk some spotty teen hackers code at the core of their OS.
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