is this PC any good for £600

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Found 16th Dec 2008
hi, well i just got an quote from dell and im just wondering will prices drop after christmas as so far there hasnt been much discount well heres the spec ive been quoted
2.66ghz quad core
500gb hard drive
22" screen
512mb graphics card
4gb ram.
any help would be much appreciated.

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sounds like a decent spec to me, I'm sure someone will come up with the same cheaper elsewhere but personally I like Dell's and have never had a problem with the 3 I've had.

Dell are doing a 12 days of xmas promotion at the moment so it might be worth hanging on to see if it pops up in that, otherwise I say go for it, prices will drop but thats the case with all technology - buy the best you can afford when you need it and don't worry that it'll be cheaper in a months time.

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whats this 12 day xmas promotion about and when does it start?

sarbjeet is i were u i would try to contact the mod called Miket

hes not online atm but use this


check it from time to time and hit him a pm....he always knows about dell deals and specs etc.......looks like a decent spec to me for a good price and as chris has mentioned...dell are v good.


whats this 12 day xmas promotion about and when does it start?

hmm, can't find the banner on their site now! maybe its ended :oops:

They were doing 3 different deals every day, some of them quite good, but mostly on the high end machines (like £150 off a £900 desktop)
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