Is this pc package a good deal?

    Everybody keeps going on about the Dell Vostro 430 .I'm looking for a good general home future proof(well as best as could be expected)pc ...can you tell me which is better anything that dell has to offer or this fromCUBE247.CO.UK.... TUSCANA ST13.All advice a great help(even other suggestions)


    1299 + an OS still to buy, for 3x 22" screens, core i7 860, 8gb ram, 3TB (UF)HDD, not really comparable to a vostro, nto directly anyway, they kidna have different purpose and uses i guess

    if you can afford this, and want to buy it its not a half bad deal tbh it doesnt define your graphics card though, so you may wna check that up first

    Plus dual-graphics cards for three screens is out of date, a single new card would support three screens and use less power and generate less noise. Plus no mention of whether it supports DisplayPort, USB3, SATA 6Gbps and whether there are any spare PCI-E 8x/16x slots.

    If you're looking for a future proof system I'd steer well clear of that one unless you can find a proper set of specifications.

    Check out Aldi they sell Medion PCs and are guaranteed for 3 years if it has to go back to manufacturer, they will arrange carriage.
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