Is this place legit?

Found 15th May 2008

looks too cheap to me, but can anyone vouch for them?

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Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (godaddy.com)
Created on: 03-May-08
Expires on: 03-May-09
Last Updated on: 03-May-08

Created 9 days ago. Address is in China. Selling items that are a known product favoured by counterfeiters . And using a name (Target) that would attract US customers, who might think it has something to do with the Target chain of stores.

In otherwords, I'd stear clear. ;-)
I can't comment on the prices. Would it be more legit if the prices were inline with other retailers?

What I do not like about the site is that when you go to "Contact us", all you can do is send an e-mail.
There is not an "About us" page, or anything that inspires me with confidence.
Hi, got some details about the website, it's only been in existence for 2 weeks and setup by a guy in China. I wouldn't go there if I were you.

Domain Name: target-ghd.com
Expiration Date: 2009-05-03
Creation Date: 2008-05-03
Last Update Date: 2008-05-03

Lee Young
Park Avenue Intl. Apartment Tower 5 #2902
17 JianGuoMenWai Street, Chao Yang Dist
Beijing, Beijing 100022
I'll give that a miss then! Thanks for the advice guys. You have all been repped!

Can i just say - go to the website and englarge the pic of the pink straighters, you can just about see a little hook on the end of the straightners where the wire comes out - THIS IS FAKE !!
Real GHD's do not have a little hook at the end where the wire comes out.


See these links for how to spot fake GHD's :



Always check on the GHD website for the approved stockists ! :thumbsup:
Do not buy GHD straighteners from this company. I bought some and when I went to register them I was told they were not real. I returned them to the company (in China!!!) and they have been returned to me saying the address is not correct.

I think that it is worth paying more for the GHD's to confirm they are the real deal.

Hope that helps.
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