Is this printer wireless?

    Cant find where it should say wireless, but as it was originally £99 I assume it is????


    Not according to any other site, epson site doens't have any of it's key features being wireless. So I'd defnitley say no:…215…028

    good review here for it, still not sure if it is wireless though lol

    PC Connection: Hi-Speed USB?????

    which would mean no?

    I don't think it is to be honest

    Original Poster

    Thanks, its not then.
    Epson are crap anyway.

    I think you are looking for something like ]this? (Not CRAP? Epson)

    the sx 515 is the first wireless in the range, and i have had a lot of epson's and think there the best, all the rest have expensive cartridges, i pay between £5-£10 for a full set, i have the sx 515 and it is really fast at printing but is a bit noisy:thumbsup:
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