Is this product 'snake oil' or do you think it's worth trying?

Posted 2nd Jan 2023
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    A handful of washing soda (soda crystals) and a kettle of hot water used regularly will keep your drains clear and also be much cheaper at around £1/1kg. You can also use it as a washing machine and dishwasher cleaner.
  2. Avatar…ork

    I used the drain opener in the above article worked for me. (edited)
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    i got some on ebay a few years ago when they were just £1 a pack from china. most were broke when i got them but i tried them anyway and didn't notice any difference

    if you are pouring oil from cooking down the sink, it's likely to block. either boiling water and once of those metal long spring type things from pournland can unblock. or you get the proper liquid unblocker stuff

    best not to pour crap down the sink really. if i do have crap to pour away i put it down the toilet as the pipes are bigger
    thank you,  its just mainly things that can clog up the shower - hair mainly tbh - it was an idea to use this as a regular preventative measure but it sounds like the product is back.
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    Boiling water and bleach.
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    Caustic soda is my solution for everything.

    If anyone claims a cleaning product is so environmental friendly, you can eat it....I'm not using it!
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    I have 11 of these in the sink cupboard.
    Used 1 saw no significant difference, didn't bother again.
    Thankfully they were only around £2/3 when I bought them.
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    Thanks guys I'm going to save a few quid and just some home solutions. I suspect my frugal living attempt will only last a few hours. thanks hukders!
    Wow, an OP actually returning to update the thread..  (y)