Is this quote reasonable for removing lower chimney breast and supporting wall?

Found 29th Oct 2013
Hi everyone

We are moving soon and have had a quote from a local firm who have been recommended to us (West Yorkshire) for some work doing. It has come out a little more than we were expecting, and I wonder if anyone can let us know whether it sounds reasonable please?

At present there is a kitchen extension and separate lounge. We're wanting to knock through to make a dining kitchen. This would mean removing the lower part of the chimney breast and wall (which was previous an external wall, double brick). It's a detached house.

There is currently a radiator (kitchen side) and one power point (lounge side) attached to the wall they would be removing.

The quote is:

1. Take out chimney breast and wall, fit RSJ's, make floor, ceiling and walls good - £3350
2. Alterations to electrics. Provisional sum - £300
3. Alter heating pipes and fit kick space heater inc cutting kitchen floor (concrete I think) and making good - £587

(Plus VAT)

We are saving up to have the kitchen replaced - the kick space heater sounds like a good option as there would be no radiators in the kitchen once the wall has gone. The builder helpfully suggested these.

It's a huge move for us and so we're having to watch every penny (story of my life it seems!) and so all advice would be really appreciated. We would be getting more quotes once we move in, these guys have done work for someone we know and come highly recommended. When I'm googling though, it seems quite dear

Thanks in advance,
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it costs £500 to remove a chimney. some charge £300. and hello I'm from Yorkshire
The usual thing is to get at least three quotes from reputable builders and choose the one your confident will complete on time and to budget.Depends what you mean by alterations to electrics,if its just disconnecting the socket and installing it else where during the renovation Id expect it to be a lot lower.
Hello Sofiasar! *waves* I'd read on the internet to expect around that figure, too. I might be missing something but I thought it seemed expensive.

Thanks too, Arachnoid, we're hoping to get some more quotes once we're in. I think re the socket, it is just relocating it. It looks like this quote is top end!

Thank you both for your advice. I think we'll be ringing around a few before we decide. Such a shame as we know the work they do is great, but we would have to wait to get it done at that price.

Thanks again!
Best wishes
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Best bet is get them to break the costs down and maybe buy your own material and ask if they would consider been paid by the hour or maybe day labour costs at a fixed rate with an agreed time scale.
way 2 expensive get more quotes. all in all for the work above shouldnt be no more than £1500 plus skips i would guess.
get more quotes and make sure you get a fixed price and time scale and if they go over the time scale there will be penalty's for them
Thanks everyone for your replies. I never thought to get a fixed price, thanks for that!

Looks like we'll have some ringing around to do when we get in. It's good to know what sort of figure we should be aiming towards, thanks again for your time everyone.

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