Is this really true? Whats wrong about it? Please help = Rep added to you

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Found 16th May 2009
I managed to mess my PSP up the other basically its useless now. I can possibly fix it, but I seen this on ebay - Item number - 120420162738
For £20 they'd replace your PSP 1003 even if its damaged for a new one?
I done a bit of research and found this -…tml
At the website…spx
You can sign up to a protection plan known as continuous play for £2.49 a month
So What I want to know is that can I sign up to this, make a claim and I'll get a replacement? And How do I know whether the claim will be accepted since my PSP is battered. Can I have more info on this and can I cancel the plan after I get my replacement? Cheers

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depends how you managed to mess it up but basically, yes its like that - check the terms and conditions for details

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Well I've broken the directional button flex cable, ordered a replacement from DX but aint got round to fixing it yet. Broken the UMD door, same with that, aint got round to fitting it. And I plugged screen back in while PSP open put in battery was working then touched screwdriver by ribbon by mistake and their was a spark and screen not working anymore. So messed up screen and buttons - UMD door I will fit. Will this be legible for a replacement? Do they have the right to claim the replacement back from you? I've also taken that warrantee sticker out at the back so please explain to me...
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