is this simple? asus eee 701 o/s

    hi people
    im thinking of buying a asus 701 but it would have linux but i want if for when i go to my caravan i use a sony laptop with xp and use 3 dongle, but would this dongle work with linux? or would i have to change to xp?
    if so is it simple to change it? and do i need anything to do this?
    please email and let me no how simple it is?


    Best thing to do would be to download ]ubuntu or whatever linux distro comes on the eee. You could try it on your pc and see if it recognises the dongle (and see if you like linux)

    You can install it without any changes to your current pc setup and go back to windows when you've tried it.

    when i had a dongle and a asus 701 they are not straight away compatible, there are ways of making them work but you have to download some software and mess with the settings, so i just bought an xp netbook;-)

    It depends on the dongle, I believe most will work but not automatically. You'll have to do some research and set them up yourself.
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