is this site for real or is it a scam?

    MOD EDIT: Referral link removed
    is this site for real or is it a scam?
    it was sent to me by a mate but i am not sure ?
    what do you think?


    Well from the URL you can see its a referral site.

    They won't be straight up freebies, you'll have to go through some sort of trial offer with one of their partner companies. These schemes have been around for years and do work if you can get a certain number of people to sign up under you and complete an 'offer'. Your mate has sent you a link which will get him 1 referral if you go through with whatever the site needs you to do - you'll then have to do the same.

    Or the whole thing is just a scam. You're not going to get PSN points for join absolutely nothing.

    i did one of these recently: - or something.
    it meant doing a lot of surveys, but what really did it was joining a lovefilm trial through the site which autmatically gave me half the req'd points.
    I got $10 PSN to spend on the american store - you can still play any game once downloaded through a US account.
    if you want any advise just mail me, but be warned - setup a spare email account an be patient....


    is this site for real or is it a scam?

    Probably; but one thing for sure - your referral link (now removed) is

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