Is this site for the UK only?

    I currently live in the US. My cousin's birthday is coming up soon and she apparently wants a digital version of Tomodachi Life, which I found on after searching online. cousin has the tendency to change her mind about what she wants...a lot (learned from the past..) so I was thinking about asking here to buy a game €50 gift card for her or something around that much. Basically, that way, if she changes her mind she can just buy something else. Thanks for the answers in advance


    anyone can use this site but the deals are UK-centric. all it does is advise people of good deals available to UK consumers (so 99+% are UK based retailers, with the odd continental deal chucked in e.g. german amazon) is a british website. we use £ sterling here. the €uro is a common european currency that is used in many countries but is about as good as buying someone a gift card in dollars if they live in the uk

    so why not just put the money direct in to her bank account ??

    Hi, I've bought game gift cards cheap of eBay, just make sure they have good feedback.

    It might be worth noting that many games are region locked.

    I don't know if this game is myself, but perhaps somebody else could advise you on this matter to better inform you.

    Tomodachi Life was released in the US on 6th June. Why not buy / download it from somewhere a bit more local?

    ALL nintendo 3DS games/consoles/eshop cards/digital versions are region locked do NOT buy unless your cousin 3DS is from the uk.…ls/

    Probably a better solution in this case.
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