Is this site legit?

    Saw this site on a post that later got removed. Is it legit?


    theres a thread in misc somewhere

    Its in THE SUN newspaper on page 13, looked ok until i seen in the paper they were sleling the iphone at 299.

    steer clear, someone better'd call the sun too.

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    theres a thread in misc somewhere

    did a search but couldnt find it? :-(

    The site was registered in August of this year for 2 yrs. Paramjit singh and his company (whom he's hiding the true name of as it's a private reg) is based in Melbourne australia according to WHOIS.

    I'm surprised to see him selling iphones on payg as I thought it was only T-Mobile and o2 that had those.

    I also see no registered company address visiable on the site which I was under the impression was a legal requirement.

    The 5yr warranty on everything just sounds ridiculously generous too, but if I'm honest the fact it was only registered 2/3 months ago would have put me off long before now.
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