Is this site real?

Found 3rd Dec 2010
Im guessing not as if somethink looks to good to be true it usually is...
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I dont even need to look at the site-the name alone gives the game away
Exactly Barky
I thought so... Thanks
Look at the contact us page..

"Please only send once of your case to the e-mail address, please do not reapeat"
Edited by: "maid020279" 3rd Dec 2010
Contacted Ugg Australia 4 days ago about this site.....Received email back...FAKE!!!!!!

Set up in China at end of November....Do Not be Fooled!!!!
Edited by: "gren05" 3rd Dec 2010
Oh no! I've ordered 3 pairs last week. Does this mean I won't get my boots or my money back?

Oh, hold on, I didn't order 3 pairs from this site because I'm not stupid piece of.....

I thought it was when my friend sent me the link... I told her it was fake but still tried telling me otherwise... Thanks again
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