Posted 24th Sep 2021

as anyone ever used this site before? Can’t find and reviews on it!!
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    There selling xbox series x and ps5 for 50 quid less and they're "in stock" apparently there's no way thats legit. Mobile Number for customers service 3 reviews on trustpilot in the last day all say scam. Website registered 22/8/21 (edited)
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    They're advertising PS5 disc editions for £50 less than RRP and allegedly have 25 in stock, that should be enough to flag them as untrustworthy I think.
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    If a deal is to good to be true!! You know the rest..
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    Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter and get another 20% off!

    Of course its a damn scam.
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    Mobile number only. Look how they have typed their address plus it appears to have two postcodes!
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    45665639-yKf2J.jpgSays you can pay using PayPal, but when you go through checkout the PayPal option is not there!!! That’s where my alarm bells came fro
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    Website Terms and Conditions shows seller as Gadget Outlet obviously copied and pasted from elsewhere ——AVOID!
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    Not overly familiar with UK consumer laws and English isn't their first language and probably not their second either.
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    Always around this time of year that the new sites start cropping up with "amazing" deals for Christmas... Avoid like the plague
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    45665152-LepAb.jpgPersonally, I wouldn't touch it. (edited)
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    Their own terms and conditions refer to Gadgets Outlet:
    "All and any business undertaken by Gadgets Outlet "
    "please write to Seller at GADGETS OUTLET LTD, 3 Sebert Road, London, E7 0NG"

    Both Gadgets Outlet's premises & homeappliancestrade premises don't look like the sort of place you'd go to buy a fridge (or anything else).

    Mobile phone contact number, website only just set up, AVOID!!!
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    Serbert Road is based in Forest gate, london , E7, No way is that a real business, I use to live off that road, avoid scam