Is this Sony FW21E good spec for the money?

Found 11th Nov 2008
I am buying a laptop (again!) this time a good name brand that looks stunning and has really good spec, is it worth the price. I need a blu-ray laptop as I have sold my PS3! Its £740.99, and £15~ or so quidco.

Sony FW21E
P8400 Centrino 2
4GB 800Mhz RAM
16.4'' XWGA++ Screen (1600x900)
Blu-Ray Drive
320GB Hard Drive
ATI HD 3470 Dedicated Graphics with GDD3 video memory (256MB)

Is this good for the price?
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i think the price is about right there:…g=p

cashback makes it better
dont know if theres other make with same spec but lower price
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Thanks Nuabdi, its the cheapest I can find.

I want a reliable make aswell, so this laptop seems really good. :thumbsup:
I would not get this model as the screen is not 1080p resolution. If you only ever want to connect it to a TV for Bluray, then it's not a massive issue. But if that's the case you could get a stand alone bluray player for £150.

The AR71ZU has an excellent screen that can play back Bluray at full resolution:…460

I have the slightly older AR21S and it has served me well. The only draw backs are the size, and poor battery life.
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Bit too expensive for me, and will be using the laptop on my lcd tv. :thumbsup:

Bit too expensive for me, and will be using the laptop on my lcd tv. … Bit too expensive for me, and will be using the laptop on my lcd tv. :thumbsup:

In that case, save some money and get a stand alone Bluray player, and skip the bluray functionality in the laptop.
Having owned the FW21E model for just 5 months I have to say it is the flimsiest model I have ever purchased, and I say this having bought 3 Sony's previously.
At first flakes of paint started to fall of the aluminium chassis (so I was told) and expose white plastic below!
Then the On/Off switch broke free from the case.
Never again I'm going back to Toshiba. Check their customer satisfaction level compared to Sony before you buy.
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