is this spider on the attack?

Found 2nd Aug 2017
We have had a spider on our wall whos had little baby spiders, iv noticed today another spider has appeared next to them...

Is he trying to get to the babies?…QDW
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My whole house is full of these. What variety are they?
david_wavid1 m ago

My whole house is full of these. What variety are they?

I have no idea, they all seem to fight over the same spot in the bathroom 🤔
Could it be daddy spider ?
The only good spider is a dead spider
Uridium10 h, 51 m ago

Very informative and from reading that it is planning a banquet
She looks bigger I'm placing my bets on him becoming food!!
I had one of the skinny spiders in my house, it looked like it was about to give birth, it put soo much spider web traps to protect itself. I was scared to take it out with a mop incase its babies take over the house. So in another room one of those hairy spiders came in and if they were to fight people would think this spider would win over the skinny one. So heres what happened, when the hairy spider came in it was like it knew exactly where the other spider was and i think spiders try to kill other spiders that are pregnant and so it went directly for it and next morning i checked on it and the pregnant skinny spider killed the big hairy one and wrapped it in its web
from that wiki page definitely looks like that other spider is trying to eat the babies, hopefully that isn't the case.
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