Is this technically still a pre order (Guitar Hero Van Halen PS3)

    Ok so I want this game from but it states:

    Guitar Hero: Van Halen (Game Only) (with FREE Wireless Les Paul Guitar Controller & Guitar Hero: World Tour for Pre-Orders)

    But it is showing in stock, even though it is not out till Friday.
    Is this still a pre-order, and will I still get the free stuff?

    Thanks in advance


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    The only way you will find out for sure is to contact them.

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    Thanks greg, may have to do that if I get no answers:)

    Oh, and their Darksiders listing also states (even though it has been out a while):

    Pre-order now and receive exclusive PlayStation Home avatar item - WAR's Armour. Instructions on how to claim* this offer should be emailed within 10 days of release.

    ]Darksiders (with Pre-Order Exclusive PlayStation Home Avatar Item)

    So are people still getting these?

    EDIT: and Dante's Inferno:

    ]Dante's Inferno (with Exclusive Pre-Order In-Game Item Packs)

    Guess you can always return it if it does not arrive with the guitar.

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    Thanks for the info and your time greg

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