Is This The Best Name Ever?

    well does this woman have the greatest name?


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    no this guy does

    She has a nice smile

    Had a customer by the name of "Wang Qi"

    Best looking beaver i've ever seen!

    LOL @ BATMAN BIN SUPARMAN thats gotta be a joke...????!!!!!

    LMAO @ Batman, I'm creasing! Just to let you guys know that in arabic 'bin' (atleast in the conext of a name) means 'son of'

    i.e. that guy is - Batman son of Suparman!

    And even if it's fake it's very plausable, as in 1990 superheroes had taken over the world I'd expect someone from Asia to spell Superman like that (I'm asian myself btw)

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    Well what about this bloke then?[/IMG]

    Willie Stroker is a winner for me, hands down :thumbsup: hahaha well found!!!

    or these guys

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    Oh poor bloke, the jokes running through my head have hit overload! Great find Nikki

    A couple in China have named their baby son Saddam SARS to mark the two … A couple in China have named their baby son Saddam SARS to mark the two important events taking place at the time of his birth, a news report said today.The boy was born on March 20, the day the Iraq war broke out and at a time when alarm over the SARS outbreak was spreading across China.His parents, from Hubei, have named the boy Saddam Deng SARS, the South China Morning Post reported. Deng is the parent's family name.

    As if it wasnt bad enough being named after 2 terrible things, it sounds like Saddams ars

    was a chinese girl @ my school called long ting
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