Is this the correct memory card for ds flashcard? HELP

Im getting a memory card for my edge ds flashcard and want to check this is compatitable with it…tml

or does anyone know were i can get it cheaper


You need a micro sd any will do. Try usually the cheapest.

Why have you included your For Sale URL?
I think you forgot to copy the URL that you thought you wanted us to look at?

Original Poster

yeah i did then my pc crashed going to sort it now lol

Original Poster

fixed now is this the right card?

Yes, that one will work.

The one you link to is out of stock though.

Original Poster

what about this one then…tml


what about this one … what about this one then

Yes, that is fine, but I don't know whether it includes a card reader, or whether you require one.

Original Poster

i have a card reader so thats ok il just go ahead with this one

thanks for the help rep added
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