Is This Too Good To Be True

guy on ebay (cant put in links) is selling info on how to get info about buying cheap electrical items at wholesale prices (dropshipping etc) - have emailed six buyers of the information and they said it was great

the seller now has 3 auctions one for 50 x ipod, one for 15 x wii and something else i forget, is this too good to be true or is there money to be made


Too good to be true I am afraid.

Drop shipping works like this...

You use the inventory of another company and advertise their goods.
Person buys the goods through you.
You take money
You pass on money to the other company minus your "fees"
Company sends out product to customer.

Sounds all well and good apart from...

The cost of the goods in usually higher than you can get elsewhere which means that even without your cut the price is usually uncompetative.

More importantly, although you are selling the goods on behalf of the other company you have no control over stock levels, delivery etc, yet still have to deal with the customer service, refunds etc.

I look into this a while ago and decided that it simply was not worth the hassle for the benefits it may or may not give.

Your call but I'd say steer clear.

If it was such a money spinner for him do you really think he'd want to tell everyone how he was doing it?

He is just making money for himself by selling the ebook.

That actual "Dropshippers list" is no different than the ones any search engine can find.
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