is this tv and good, on budget :)…Y06

    Looks smart and i know its old and not 1080i but i dont need that so is it worth it.




    very pricey for a second hand 37" lcd.…368 i have this one and love it, been no probs and got it next day to!

    What about this?…tml

    same price brand spanking new.

    The one amcol posted would be better for you.
    If you aren't going to want 1080i/p then go with cheaper option

    Maybe that isnt the one i got as the one i got on the box said 1080i, but same size and make.

    Original Poster…spxi manged to get one of these in my basket before it was discontinued right there do you think i would get it even if i continued to go through the checkout ?
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