Is This Vaio Laptop deal worth it?

    Saw this laptop and seems to be what im after but was wondering if its worth the ££400 they are asking? Im a bit of a newbie with laptops so advice appreciated. Also i was wondering if anyone knows if it can connect to a tv so i can play movies through it onto my tv?
    thanks all.


    Looks pretty good to me and think it's worth the 400, you do tend to pay a little premium on the vaio's but I've only ever had one laptop, it's a vaio and it's been solid up till now (3.5 years) and think the build qual is excellent (FS series). Got a decent enough graphics card on it, probably wouldn't handle the very latest at top settings but would certainly play them. Relatively low screen res on it is the only disadvantage i can see, but that would help in the ability to play games at the native res of the monitor. It's got a vga out on it so would be able to connect to a tv through that (however an hdmi out would be better). Only other things i can see are its 'only' 100Meg ethernet and g wireless, a lot are 1000Meg and n wireless now but if you don't think youll need that not much point looking for it. HTH

    Thats a cracking price especially with a dedicated graphics card,

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    Thanks for the comments. What about the Vaio compared to this one?…335

    Its the same price roughly but just cant seem to decide which one.

    you can use voucher codeEMS159 to get 10% off, iv just ordered vaio one!
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